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11 pc. Junior Ball Run Unit Block Set

$ 69.99

Everwood Friends item: 2239

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With 11 blocks in 6 shapes, Everwood Friends™ 11 piece Junior set of hard maple ball run building blocks is a wonderful first small ball run set for your little one. Add blocks over time to build a ball run collection as your child's ability grows!

Everwood Friends™ patent-pending system of Ball Run Unit Blocks is an open-ended building toy meant for creative experimentation and exploration. Our unique unit-based, flat-bottomed ball channel design allows the blocks to be used seamlessly with other unit blocks and toys.

CHOKING HAZARD – Toy contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years.


  • 11 blocks in 6 shapes
  • 2 balls and drawstring bag (colors may vary)
  • Comes attractively packaged and ready to gift

Thanks to our precise unit geometry, as your builder gets older, these blocks will work seamlessly with all other blocks and expansion sets from Everwood Friends . These blocks will be heirlooms, lasting for generations to come.

Ball Run Set Comparison

Set Name Junior Ball Run Beginner Ball Run Core Ball Run Deluxe Ball Run Advanced Ball Run
Pieces 11 15 23 38 63
Shapes 6 11 13 20 23
2 4 4 6 10
Price $69.99 $124.99 $179.99 $319.99 $519.99

Ball Run Set Comparison

Craftsmanship & finishing

  • Everwood Friends™ blocks are precision crafted in Minnesota of domestic hard maple.
  • Hard maple is the perfect wood for toys given its high density, hardness, and tight grain that reduces splinters. You will love the weight of these blocks!
  • All surfaces are rounded for safety and sanded for a beautifully smooth feel.
  • Our blocks are not painted or stained for a natural beauty and durability.
  • Third-party lab tested for safety and certified CPSC compliant. Recommended ages 3+.


  • Everwood Friends™ ball run blocks come in many versatile shapes and sizes, and they integrate seamlessly with all our other building blocks for even more building potential. You will not find many of our shapes in other ball run or building block sets!
  • Every shape and edge is based on a precise 1-3/8" unit, the same as standard kindergarten blocks you remember. This means every block, in every orientation, will simply line up with all the other blocks no matter how tall or wide a structure is.

A Learning Experience

  • Ball run blocks are excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, balance, spatial reasoning, STEM, and fine motor skills.
  • Allow your child to play creatively, combining their blocks with other popular toys or their own imaginative games.
  • Create a car track. Use Ramps and Straights to build raceways for toy cars.
  • Design a bug maze. Build a flat maze that loops around and connects with itself, then set loose some mini robot bugs!
  • Build anything! Everwood Friends™ Ball Run Building Blocks are also true unit blocks! Use ball run blocks to add a pathway, moat, river, or bridge to any unit block creation!

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