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Everwood Friends FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we get about Everwood Friends.

What set should I start with?

Our customers most often start with the 61 piece Core Set, then add on to it with boosters and open stock blocks to get more of the specific type of blocks they like most. The Core Set is a perfect start for girls and boys to build, and serves as the foundation for our more advanced sets. Our lower priced sets are a good place to start if you're not sure whether your little ones will like building.

This set has a wide variety of block shapes and sizes: smaller blocks for babies to mouth and stack; chunky blocks for toddlers to stack; and more complex shapes for more more advanced builders. This set will truly grow with your little one as their building abilities develop!

We have many sets of blocks, including many "Booster" sets that provide more of a given type of block to grow a collection. Each set lists the blocks and sizes included. Every block we make can also be purchased individually, in our Open Stock section.

Where are your blocks made?

All of our blocks are made by us in our own Minnesota workshop using North American hard maple.

Why do you use hard maple?

Although it is expensive and very hard on cutting tools, Hard maple is the world's best wood for building blocks and toys given its high density, hardness, and tight grain. Hard maple allows us to sand our blocks buttery smooth and its high density and weight makes blocks great for building stable structures. You will love the weight of these blocks! 

Hard maple's extreme hardness also does a great job resisting dents and its tight grain reduces splinters so Everwood Friends blocks will stay looking and feeling great for generations to come.

On top of all that, hard maple is one of the most sustainable hardwoods.

There is truly no better wood in the world for building blocks!

Will your blocks work with the other blocks I already own?

Yes! Every block we make is based on the North American standard unit block size (1-3/8"), so they all integrate seamlessly, including with any other standard unit blocks you may have.

European blocks are typically made on a centimeter scale based on how lumber is milled in that part of the world. This means they are a little different size than American standard blocks. They are still fine to mix together, but won't quite line up.

Why do your block sets have more small pieces than some other companies?

Most other high-quality building block sets are designed with classroom use in mind. This means the block assortment is good for a large play space and a very short amount of play time...usually about 15 minutes or so. Big, chunky blocks are great for this since kids can build something big quickly, and put them away quickly. At Everwood Friends, most of our sets are designed with home use in mind where the play objective is reversed...we actually want to occupy a large amount of time.

We've found that given longer play time, kids (and their grown ups) actually love having a mix of large and small blocks. The largest blocks make the foundation and walls, while the small blocks add details, decorations, furniture, fancy roofs, etc.

Our sets offer all the standard shapes like the common rectangular "unit block" (5-1/2" x 2-3/4" x 1-3/8"), plus a much wider variety of shapes than is normally found in a Kindergarten room. (we make over 100 shapes and growing!)

Do you have a school discount program?

Please contact us at to discuss an institutional bulk order for your tax-exempt organization such as school or district. We do not offer special discounts for individual teachers or home daycares.

Do you have a phone number?

We don’t have a phone number…we are a small business and we filter all of our questions via email. It’s hard to hear the phone in our workshop! Feel free to let us know you want to chat and we’ll get in contact with you! 

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do! Please contact us at so we can discuss the right options for your business.

Do you sell to museums?

Yes, we do! We are excited that our blocks have been featured in museum exhibits and sold in museum stores. Please contact us at so we can create the right item for you!

I have a product idea…can you make it?

We can try! Some of our favorite products have come to us from ideas from our customers. Please send is a note at or contact us via social media. We love bringing customers’ ideas to life!