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Ball Run Unit Block Sets

Ball Run Set Comparison

Set Name Junior Ball Run Beginner Ball Run Core Ball Run Deluxe Ball Run Advanced Ball Run
Pieces 11 15 23 38 63
Shapes 6 11 13 20 23
2 4 4 6 10
Price $69.99 $124.99 $179.99 $319.99 $519.99

Everwood Friends™ ball run unit blocks are solid hard maple, precision made in the USA and are based on a 1-3/8" unit, the same as standard kindergarten blocks. These blocks are crafted to be heirlooms, lasting for generations to come.

All edges are carefully rounded for safety and sanded beautifully smooth. Our blocks are not painted or stained for a natural beauty and durability. Hard maple is the perfect wood for toys given its high density, hardness, and tight grain that reduces splinters. You will love the weight of these blocks!

Everwood Friends™ patent-pending system of Ball Run Unit Blocks have a unique unit-based, flat-bottomed ball channel that allows the blocks to be used seamlessly with other unit blocks and toys.

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