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The Value of Building Blocks

Wooden Toy Blocks Help Develop Important Skills

Quality wooden toy building blocks, like our Everwood Friends™ blocks, are a great way to give children a jump start on developing important mental skills in spatial reasoning, creativity, mathematics, physics, and social interaction. While all quality building blocks allow for open-ended creative play, Everwood Friends™ goes a step further by offering not only blocks to play with, but blocks to help children learn.  Our Alphabet Blocks feature Braille and American Sign Language.  Our games offer the chance to teach about numbers, shapes and your favorite animals! This gives young builders a quick path to achievement while spurring skills in logical reasoning and following detailed instructions.

With unique shapes Everwood Friends™ play sets offer more options for creativity than any other wooden block sets. This makes our blocks more enjoyable for all ages and will keep young builders engaged for many more years than traditional blocks.


Open the door to a world of better blocks with Everwood Friends™!

Everwood Friends™ are solid maple wood toy building blocks, precision made in the USA.


Share pictures of your Everwood Friends™ creation!

Email your pictures to and we may include it on our website for the world to admire!