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Baby Items

Everwood Friends™ baby products are crafted in beautiful styles with the best materials and an eye towards durability. Combine burp cloths, baby bibs, a ribbon blanket, or a set of baby blocks to make an ideal gift for a new mom!

All of our products are available in boy, girl, and neutral fabrics hand-selected by us. While our fabrics change too often to keep up to date on our website, contact us any time at to ask about our current styles and prices.

"These are by far the best bibs and burp clothes! Cute patterns and most importantly they really catch the spit ups.  I first received these as a gift for my first child, and I just ordered more for my second child. The original ones still work great, I just wanted more because my kid is a spitter!  They do wonderful work and are extremely responsive." - Joanna S

Baby Bibs

Everwood Friends™ Extra large bibs are perfect for keeping the busy baby or toddler clean. Our bibs measure 12" at its widest point, and 16" long. To keep up with a growing little one, it has 2" velcro closures so you can adjust it to fit your child perfectly. Fun flannel is on the front, and the back is soft minky. Handmade with special attention paid to ensuring the bib won't rip or tear. Velcro is sewn on for added durability.

Ribbon Blankets

With fun fabric on the front and cuddly minky on the back, Everwood Friends™ baby Ribbon Blankets are treasured by little ones day and night. Many textures and types of ribbons make it a fun toy and a sensory learning tool. Handmade with special attention paid to ensuring the blanket won't rip or tear. Approximately 12" x 12".

Burp Cloths

Everwood Friends™ super absorbent burp cloths absorb just about any mess. Perfect for your diaper bag, changing table, or anywhere you'll need to clean up after your little one. The highest quality cloth diapers backed with fun 100% cotton fabric results in a burp cloth that is useful and adorable! 

Carefully stitched together with special attention towards durability. Prewashed in baby detergent. Approximately 18" x 11".

Hooded Towels

Everwood Friends™ big-kid hooded towels bring extra fun to bath time, the beach or the pool. Designed for kids 2-8, our towels pair a fun fabric on the hood with a bright-colored, full-sized (54" x 30") terry-cloth bath towel. Each towel comes with a matching washcloth.


Wet Bags

Everwood Friends™ Wet Bags keep wet and messy things contained. They are made with a 100% cotton outer shell in fun fabrics, with a water-tight PUL interior and zippered closure. We like to use them for wet swimsuits when traveling and always carry one in the diaper bag with a spare change of clothes tucked inside in case things get messy while we're out and about. Approximately 12" x 14".