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12 pc. Braille-Sign Language-Number Blocks

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Everwood Friends item: 1925

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Everwood Friends™ 12 piece Braille-Sign Language-Number Blocks is a beautiful way to learn about numbers. Teach reading, signing, and reading numbers by touch!

There are blocks with numbers zero through ten, plus a dollar sign. Each block is engraved with numbers in four different styles: numerals, words, American Sign Language, and Braille. The genuine Braille letters are carefully engraved to allow reading by touch.

Thanks to our unit geometry, as your builder grows, these blocks will work seamlessly with all other Everwood Friends™ blocks and expansion sets. These blocks will be heirlooms, lasting for generations to come.

Designed for boys & girls ages 1 to 5+.


  • 12 solid maple blocks: 1-3/8" cubes, engraved on 4 sides
  • Durable cloth draw-string bag for tidy storage and easy portability
  • Approximate weight: 1 pound

Craftsmanship & finishing

  • Our blocks are solid maple wood toy building blocks, precision made in the USA.
  • Hard maple is the perfect wood for toys given its high density, hardness, and tight grain that reduces splinters. You will love the weight of these blocks!
  • All edges are carefully rounded for safety and hand sanded for a beautifully smooth feel.
  • Our blocks are not painted or stained for a natural beauty and durability.
  • No choking hazards. Third-party lab tested for safety and certified CPSC compliant. Recommended ages 18 months+.


  • Everwood Friends™ blocks come in dozens of versatile shapes and sizes like cubes, blocks, beams, pillars, arches, ramps, triangles, and more. You will not find many of these shapes in other building block sets!
  • Every shape and edge is based on a precise unit. This means every block, in every orientation, will simply line up with all the other blocks no matter how tall or wide a structure is.
  • Everwood Friends™ blocks are based on a 1-3/8" unit, the same as standard kindergarten blocks you remember. 

A Learning Experience

  • Large wooden blocks are ideal for teaching hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Develop spatial reasoning skills.
  • Allow your child to play creatively, combining their blocks with other popular toys or their own imaginative games.
  • Blocks are an ideal social toy - the more kids (or grown kids!) building together the more fun.

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